We are a helpdesk team located in Southern California. Our mission is to provide clients with the best possible customer service and support of technology they currently own or will acquire. As CSP (Cloud Service Provider) and MSP (Managed Service Provider), we strive to provide clients with the best technology products that are most relevant to each customer’s unique requirements, at the best possible price and support. Our core business and passion are to provide world-class customer support. Whether you are looking for a fully-managed IT service provider or partially-managed service provider, we are your professional geeks.

Best services and support for small businesses

Our focus is on small to midsize businesses, SMB.  Because we specialized in this segment, we understand its constraints and the competitiveness environment it faces each day. Typically, most large enterprise has their own in-house IT helpdesk team to address their daily issues and technology challenges. For those inspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses, sometimes it’s hard to justify an in-house dedicated IT resource and outsourcing oversea is not an option. Worry no longer, we have a plan to address this conundrum. Access to our IT professionals and solutions are just a phone call away and more affordable than you might think. Our mission is to provide our clients with a world-class support experience, approach every problem holistically, and exceed customer’s expectation. With our simple to understand monthly subscription plans, you know what to expect and have the peace of mind that you’re protected and supported.